The Long-Term Savings of Non-Proprietary Equipment

Your elevator in Salt Lake City becomes useless if it breaks down and you can’t get it fixed. With proprietary systems, you would need someone with access to specific parts and tools. When it comes to non-proprietary equipment, on the other hand, it should be much easier to get your elevator back up and running . Getting back on track as soon as possible is crucial whether your elevator is in your home or your office building, and non-proprietary equipment can help you do so more quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn about the long-term savings of non-proprietary equipment.

The equipment used in elevator control is already specialized to begin with, so it shouldn’t be any more difficult for your technician to find the right parts. Unfortunately, proprietary equipment requires contractors to offer more limited services and options, and they have the freedom to raise their prices. Non-proprietary equipment doesn’t require any special skills or tools, which means prices will be competitive and flexible. Manufacturers will also be required to offer contractors and end users their support. Since it’s inherently easier and cheaper to get non-proprietary equipment back in shape, this can be a great area to save money.

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