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One simple premise drives the development of Non-Proprietary elevator control and monitoring solutions – “Elevator service contractors should be selected and retained based on customer satisfaction and not access to service tools, parts or factory training.”

Elevator Service Contractor in Salt Lake CityThe core issue regarding this Non-Proprietary concept is that elevator control equipment must be “Serviceable & Maintainable.” This means that parts must be available for inventory (not just on an exchange-only basis); diagnostics must be built-in; and training, technical and engineering support must be provided to the contractor. Also, the manufacturer must provide direct support to the service contractor and the end user.

Proprietary contractors provide limited maintenance options, proprietary service tools, are the only bidders for maintenance on their proprietary equipment and ultimately have the highest total cost of ownership.

Non-Proprietary contractors, on the other hand, provide many maintenance options, require no specialized service tools, allow for multiple bidders for maintenance and have the lowest total cost of ownership.

Don’t learn the hard way. Many building and home owners are now held hostage by the short-term savings they were offered during installation or modernization of their equipment. Give us a call at Carson Elevator and we’ll show you all the benefits and cost savings attached to doing business with a Non-Proprietary contractor.

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