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Here at Carson Elevator, our goal is to make sure getting around in a wheelchair is as easy as it can be. From moving around your home to transporting large, bulky items with ease, our elevator installation accessibility options are meant to make your life as pain-free as possible. No matter your needs, we are able to bring lift accessibility to you and your home.

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Wheelchair Lifts by Carson ElevatorWheelchair Lifts:

The best thing about wheelchair lifts is their sheer versatility. They can be installed inside or outside, wherever you need help. Wheelchair lifts are designed to help those with physical limitations who cannot take the stairs, making them perfect for schools, churches, shopping centers, meeting halls, offices, restaurants, airports, and residences.

There are three different types of wheelchair lifts to help with your elevator accessibility.

  • Platform lift: A platform lift is the most common, with the simple goal of transporting the wheelchair straight up over a vertical barrier such as a staircase. Usage is quite easy: All you have to do is wheel onto the platform, push a button, open the door, and you’re over the barrier.
  • Incline lift: Another option, incline lifts are perfect for those who are short on space. These lifts are installed directly on top of the staircase and can be moved out of the way for others to use the stairs.
  • Auto lift: An auto lift brings elevator installation accessibility to the open road. Depending on the size of your vehicle, an auto lift will hold the wheelchair in a pull-behind platform or in the bed.

Package Lifts:

Package lifts are great elevator accessibility choices, as they are designed with aching muscles and back strain in mind. They can be installed anywhere that receives packages—perfect for those heavy parcels you don’t want to haul up the stairs. The best thing about package lifts is their convenience: Eliminate the problem of heavy packages causing accidents and injuries and bring elevator accessibility into your building!

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Multi-Lift vertical platform lift

This form of lift accessibility is meant for the outside of a home, either on a porch or a deck. The elevators are attached to the side of the building and can be designed around existing staircases, preserving others’ options for taking the stairs. They ensure a smooth ride to your destination, no matter how many stairs or how steep an incline it may be.

Multi-lift Family​

Similar to our other elevator lifts, these are great for accessing multiple levels in a building. They are spacious and can offer more space to accommodate larger chairs.

Planning guide (Residential and Commercial)​

If you need help exploring accessibility options or elevator repairs in your residence, the experts at Carson Elevator have put together both commercial and residential guides to help you decide the best place for your new elevator installation.

Our Salt Lake City professionals are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right elevator accessibility option that is right for your residence and/or building.

Planning guide (Residential):

Planning Guide (Commercial):

Owners Manual

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