How to Choose a Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiters are extremely convenient and practical home additions. Not just for the elite and super wealthy, dumbwaiters today are used in all sorts of homes to provide ease and comfort, especially for large multi-story properties and people with mobility issues. Installing a dumbwaiter in your home requires careful consideration of the available shaft space, platform size requirements, speeds, and average delivery weight. A residential elevator installation company in Salt Lake City can help you with these and other factors to design the most appropriate dumbwaiter for your needs.

In Utah, Carson Elevator is the premier dumbwaiter contractor for residential and commercial properties. The team at Carson Elevator has installed, repaired, and maintained residential and commercial dumbwaiters for more than 30 years. To learn more about the dumbwaiter installation and repair services offered by Carson Elevator, call toll-free at (888) 371-1948.