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    Salt Lake Cities Proprietary Systems

    The Long-Term Savings of Non-Proprietary Equipment

    Your elevator in Salt Lake City becomes useless if it breaks down and you can’t get it fixed. With proprietary systems, you would need someone with access to specific parts and tools. When it comes to non-proprietary equipment, on the other hand, it should be much easier to get your elevator back up and running. Getting back on track as soon as possible is crucial whether your elevator is in your home or your office building, and non-proprietary equipment can help you do so more quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn about the long-term savings of non-proprietary equipment.

    The equipment used in elevator control is already specialized, to begin with, so it shouldn’t be any more difficult for your technician to find the right parts. Unfortunately, proprietary equipment requires contractors to offer more limited services and options, and they have the freedom to raise their prices. Non-proprietary equipment doesn’t require any special skills or tools, which means prices will be competitive and flexible. Manufacturers will also be required to offer contractors and end-users their support. Since it’s inherently easier and cheaper to get non-proprietary equipment back in shape, this can be a great area to save money.

    Why Is Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment Preferable?

    Elevators have completely transformed our ability to access the various floors of a building. In order to ensure that your elevator remains in safe operating condition, you will want to schedule regular elevator services for your building. When you are getting ready for an elevator installation, you may want to talk to your elevator contractor about the benefits of choosing non-proprietary equipment. Selecting non-proprietary equipment will ensure that any repair technician who inspects your elevator will be able to perform effective repairs. Here is an overview of why non-proprietary elevator equipment is preferred by most building owners.

    Easier Maintenance
    When you choose non-proprietary equipment for your elevator, you can rest assured that your final installation will be easier to maintain. By definition, non-proprietary equipment can be maintained by any technician who is properly trained. Proprietary equipment, by contrast, may require a technician to know special maintenance codes or other information. If you want to make sure that your elevator can be quickly repaired, you will want to go with non-proprietary equipment.

    Better Access to Parts
    As an elevator operates, its many different parts will experience wear and tear. In order to avoid a safety hazard in your elevator, you will need to replace old parts before they start to wear down too far. A non-proprietary elevator system will allow you to easily find and purchase the parts that you need to fix your elevator. Many non-proprietary elevators use interchangeable equipment that can be purchased anywhere.

    Improved Safety
    With their ease of maintenance, non-proprietary elevators are generally very safe. To guarantee the safety of your elevator, you can have a technician inspect its maintenance panel at regular intervals. Since non-proprietary elevators use built-in diagnostic systems, they can easily alert the operator in the event of a maintenance emergency. Be sure to ask your elevator company about the terrific advantages that a non-proprietary system has to offer your building.

  • Physics Elevator Pulley Systems

    Pully Systems in Salt Lake City

    A Look at the Physics of Elevators

    Elevators rely on the principles of physics in order to remain in motion. In this video from TED-ed, you will take a look at how the physics of elevators work. When an elevator car moves, the forces of gravity, weight, and relative motion help to keep its passengers at a stable rate. A company that installs new elevators near Salt Lake City will be able to provide you with more information about how elevators work.

    Whether you are shopping for a new commercial elevator or you are in need of elevator maintenance for your building, be sure to get in touch with a qualified elevator company. With services from a team of experts, you can keep your elevator running smoothly and safely for many years to come.

    Understanding Elevator Pulley Systems

    When you install a new elevator in Salt Lake City, your technician will install a pulley system that is designed to lift the elevator car up and down the shaft safely. This video from Michael Clarke will provide you with a basic understanding of how pulley systems work. A one-turn pulley system allows the elevator car to move between every floor of a building with ease.

    If you have questions about elevator maintenance or are interested in installing a brand new elevator in your building, contact a local company that specializes in elevators. Your elevator technicians will have the tools and training that are needed to install a safe and efficient elevator on your property.

  • Amazing Custom Elevator Options

    A Look at Your Custom Elevator Options

    There are many reasons why you might choose to install a custom elevator in your home. If anyone in your home has trouble walking or is unable to walk, then an elevator can serve as an essential means of moving between floors. If you’re going to install an elevator in your home, you might as well make it match your interior décor. For help finding the right custom elevator for your home, reach out to a custom residential elevator company near Salt Lake City.

    Carson Elevator offers a number of custom elevator options, including the Premier Cab Series, which boasts real wood raised panels with your choice of stains. The Signature Cab Series offers amazing versatility, with all kinds of options for wood stain or paint. If you’re looking for a subtler option, you might consider the traditional moldings and wood finish of the Hampton Cab Series or the laminate walls of the Classic Cab Series. Let the custom elevator experts at Carson Elevator help you find the elevator that best satisfies your practical and aesthetic goals.

    Amazing Elevators: Inside Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

    Elevators have made it possible to construct incredibly tall skyscrapers throughout the world. In this video, you will take a look at the elevator that is inside the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. As Dubai’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa towers over the city at 2,717 feet high. This building’s incredible elevator is also the tallest elevator in the world. A contractor that installs elevators serving Salt Lake City can help you find a commercial elevator solution for your tall building.

    When you are thinking of installing an elevator, you will want to make sure that you hire a company that has plenty of experience in the elevator industry. With assistance from your professional elevator installation team, you will be able to ensure that your employees and clients are able to easily reach every floor of your building.

  • Elevator Door Gap Safety

    Salt Lake City Door Gaps

    Why Door Gaps Are So Important to Elevator Safety

    Safety is a top consideration when you are installing a new elevator in your building. With professional elevator service near Salt Lake City, you will be able to keep your high-quality elevator in safe operating condition. A primary factor to consider when you are inspecting your elevator for safety is whether or not your door gaps provide enough clearance for passengers as they enter and exit the car.

    To prevent accidents and injuries when a rider is entering or exiting an elevator car, elevator door gaps are equipped with motion sensors. If a person crosses the path of an elevator door as it is closing, the sensors will tell the doors to open automatically. In the event that you start to notice that your elevator doors are not responsive to motion tests, it may be time to make a call to your elevator repair team. Your elevator maintenance professionals will restore your door gap and motion sensor systems.

    Home Elevator Safety: Spotlight on Door Gaps

    Having an elevator installed in your home can make getting around much more convenient for your family and guests. Like every other appliance in your home, it’s important that you properly maintain your elevator to ensure safe use for years to come. One of the most important aspects of home elevator safety is minimizing the door gap or space between the hoistway door and the edge of the elevator. For help making your elevator as safe as possible, it’s best to turn to the residential elevator maintenance experts at Carson Elevator.

    Door Gap Basics
    First, it’s important to understand the basic concerns surrounding the gap space in your elevator. In order for your elevator to function properly, it’s necessary for there to be a small gap between the hoistway and the elevator car. However, it’s possible for the gap to grow too wide over time, posing a potential safety risk. Generally speaking, the gap space should not exceed 75mm or three inches.

    Safety Concerns
    The biggest concern involving door gaps is the possibility of something falling in. If you’re not paying attention, you could drop valuables into the gap and lose them in the elevator shaft. Of course, the most frightening prospect is getting your foot caught in the door gap as you try to board or exit the elevator. Young children are especially vulnerable to getting caught in the door gap, and could even fall under some circumstances. There’s also the possibility of a door gap being too narrow, increasing the risk of the elevator car scraping against the side of the shaft.

    Elevator Maintenance
    Though it may sound scary, an elevator door gap is nothing to worry about as long as you stay on top of maintenance. Signing up for a maintenance plan is the easiest way to make sure your elevator’s gap space is within an acceptable range, and to prevent other potential problems as well. Maintaining your elevator over time is a lot safer, more convenient, and inexpensive than repairing problems as they arise.

  • Does Your Elevator Need Repairs?

    Elevator Repair Service In Salt Lake City

    Recognizing the Signs

    An elevator is designed to provide your employees and customers with easy access to every floor of your building. In order to ensure the safety of your elevator, it is important to schedule elevator maintenance before a serious problem arises. With services from a company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City, you will be able to address any type of elevator issue that may be affecting the safety and performance of your system. To help you determine when it is time to set up commercial elevator repair, here is a look at three signs that your elevator is in need of professional maintenance.

    Dusty Control Panel
    During an elevator inspection and maintenance procedure, your technician will use your elevator’s control panel to assess the safety and quality of the system. If your elevator control panel is covered in dust and debris, this is a sign that it has not been opened or inspected in a long time. When you start to notice that your control panel is gathering dust, it is time to set up a maintenance appointment.

    Misaligned Car Stops
    When an elevator stops at its assigned floor, the elevator car should stop completely flush with the opening. If your elevator is in need of repair or maintenance, you may start to notice that your elevator car stops have become misaligned. As the elevator cables stretch or wear out, they will no longer be able to carry the car to the correct position. In order to adjust your elevator car stops accurately, you may also need to set up a cable brake adjustment.

    Strange Sounds or Sensations
    A properly functioning elevator will travel smoothly and quietly between floors. If you or your employees have started to notice squeaking or squealing noises as your elevator is in operation, this could indicate a problem with your cables and pulleys. An elevator maintenance professional can tighten and adjust your cables and make sure that your elevator operates smoothly for all of your business needs.

    Three Reasons to Schedule Elevator Repair Services

    An elevator is an important addition to your commercial space. In order to keep your elevator up and running throughout the years, you will want to schedule regular elevator repairs near Salt Lake City. A company that specializes in commercial elevator maintenance can help you protect your high-quality elevator from damage and wear. Along with scheduling preventative services, you will also want to set up repairs for your elevator at the first sign of a mechanical issue. To emphasize the importance of proper elevator maintenance, here is a look at three reasons to schedule elevator repair services.

    Adjust and Lubricate Mechanical Components
    Your elevator is equipped with many delicate components that can shift and fall out of adjustment over time. With professional elevator repair services, you can make sure that every part of your elevator is properly adjusted and ready to operate smoothly. As your technicians adjust your elevator, they will also take care to lubricate all of its moving parts. Proper lubrication is key for ensuring that your elevator runs smoothly.

    Fix Mechanical Issues
    Along with keeping your elevator properly adjusted over time, your elevator repair technician will also be able to fix any mechanical issues that may be affecting your unit. With their various mechanical parts and systems, elevators can experience various types of mechanical wear and tear. When you stay on top of your elevator’s mechanical maintenance requirements, you can avoid breakdowns and other dangerous safety issues.

    Address Safety Concerns
    If an employee or client reports a safety concern about your elevator, it will be of the utmost importance that you schedule immediate elevator repair services. An elevator that is not operating safely could pose a significant hazard to any person that is occupying your building. With assistance from a team of trained elevator maintenance professionals, you will be able to identify the cause of the safety issue and make sure that it has been properly addressed. Your elevator repair company will be happy to provide you with emergency repair services.

  • Understanding How To Not Get Stuck In An Elevator

    Accessibility Elevator In Salt Lake City

    The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Stuck in an Elevator

    Elevators have made it possible for us to construct tall buildings that tower dozens of stories high. When you watch this video, you will learn all about how elevators work. The most common type of elevator that is found in today’s buildings is the roped elevator. This type of elevator uses a motor and pulley system to lift the elevator car up and down the shaft. A company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City can provide you with more information about how your commercial elevator works.

    When you take the time to learn about how elevators work, you will be able to achieve a high standard of elevator maintenance. If you have started to notice that your elevator is not functioning, as usual, you will want to set up elevator repairs right away.

    Understanding How Elevators Work

    Getting stuck in an accessibility elevator in Salt Lake City might not be a big deal for some people, but it’s a nightmare for others. There are certain things you should do to get yourself out of this potentially uncomfortable situation, and there are others that you shouldn’t. Call for help when you notice that you’re stuck in the elevator, but never try to force the door open. Do your best to remain calm until help arrives, and continue reading for the dos and don’ts of getting stuck in an elevator.

    Do Try to Call for Help
    Whenever you find yourself in a bind, your first instinct is probably to call for help. This is exactly what you should do when you get stuck in an accessibility elevator, and there are a few ways you can do it. First, try the help button on the elevator panel. It’s important to distinguish the help button from the button that opens the door, as opening the door might not be feasible. If these buttons don’t work, see if you get reception on your cellphone so you can call for help that way.

    Don’t Force the Door
    Being trapped in an elevator can be uncomfortable, and it can be especially difficult for people with claustrophobia. As desperately as you want to get out, never try forcing the elevator door open. You could damage the opening and closing mechanism, which may then require elevator repair. If you are on an upper floor of a building with several stories, you also run the risk of falling into the elevator shaft when you force the doors open. It’s better to wait a little longer to get out of the elevator than to risk falling down the hoistway.

    Do Stay Calm
    There is rarely much you can do while you are stuck in an elevator, which could make it even easier to panic. It’s important to realize that being stuck in an elevator is not dangerous. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm yourself down so you can be as comfortable as possible while you wait for help.

  • Benefits of Installing an Elevator

    Advantages of Installing an Elevator in Salt Lake City

    How You Could Benefit from Installing an Elevator in Your Home

    If you live in a home with multiple stories, you may be starting to get tired of trekking up and down multiple flights of stairs. A residential elevator will provide you with amazing convenience, and can also provide better mobility for disabled members of your family. A company that offers elevators serving Salt Lake City can help you choose a high-quality elevator that is ready for all of your residential needs. Read on for an overview of three benefits that an elevator can offer to your home and family.

    Improved Home Value
    When you are preparing to sell your home, you will want to take all of the steps necessary to make your property as valuable as possible. A prospective buyer is sure to be delighted by an elevator that has been installed in your home. In fact, a home elevator installation can improve your property value significantly. You can also use your elevator installation as a top-selling point when you put your home on the market.

    Better Convenience
    Installing an elevator in your home will provide a fantastic convenience for all of your daily activities. Whether you are moving bulky items up and down different stories of your home, or you are traveling up to your top-floor bedroom to go to sleep for the night, an elevator will transport you quickly and safely. After a few weeks of enjoying your new elevator, you may wonder how you ever lived without this wonderful amenity.

    Increased Home Safety
    If a member of your family is facing mobility issues, an elevator installation can improve his or her safety at home. Walking up and down multiple flights of stairs can pose a safety threat to any person who has trouble walking or moving. When you are installing an elevator specifically for increased mobility, you may want to explore the various accessibility elevators that your local elevator company has to offer for your home.

    The Steps of Installing an Elevator

    As you might expect, installing a new elevator near Salt Lake City is not the easiest task; this is why you need to work with a professional to make it happen. If you want your elevator to function properly and last as long as possible, the installation is a crucial component. Be sure to find a professional elevator company that you know you can trust. Your team of pros will build the shaft for your elevator, set up the wiring, and let you enjoy your investment. Continue reading if you are interested in learning about the steps of installing an elevator.

    Finding a Professional
    Installing an elevator is not a task that you should ever handle on your own unless you have gone through the appropriate training under the supervision of an experienced professional. For this reason, you will need to contact a professional elevator service when you decide you want an elevator installed in your home or workplace. If you want to ensure that your elevator is installed properly, make sure you hire a reputable contractor. A poorly installed elevator can be unsafe, which can present a unique array of problems in both residential and commercial settings. Do your research and make an informed decision so you can enjoy a quality elevator and some peace of mind.

    Building the Shaft
    In order for an elevator to get you from floor to floor, there will first need to be a shaft where it can travel. This is why the first step in the actual installation process is constructing a shaft. The shaft is essentially a vertical hallway through which your elevator will traverse. It is crucial that the measurements of the shaft and the elevator car match up perfectly.

    Setting Up Wiring
    Your elevator depends on electrical components in order to function properly. Once the shaft has been constructed, your elevator company will set up the necessary wiring so that your elevator can move smoothly and safely. It is helpful to have your elevator specialist come back and maintain your wiring on a regular basis to prevent problems from arising.

  • Proper Use of a Freight Elevator

    As the name implies, freight elevators are intended solely for transporting large, heavy items—not passengers. New freight elevators installed around Salt Lake City are fairly easy to operate, as they tend to feature power doors. If you need to use an older freight elevator, you can watch this featured video to learn the dos and don’ts of operating it.

    This expert demonstrates the proper use of an older, manual freight elevator located in a fallout shelter. He explains how to safely use the straps to open and close the exterior doors, and how to operate the interior door. He also discusses some elevator-related etiquette. After unloading your freight, always remember to close the interior door, and then close the exterior door before you leave the area.

  • Integrating Elevators into Your Hospital’s Wayfinding System in Salt Lake City, UT

    Wayfinding is a major concern for every hospital. If you’re responsible for implementing wayfinding systems and improvements in your medical center, then you already understand the importance of easily overlooked details, like designations for elevator banks. Hospitals near Salt Lake City with multiple elevator banks need a way to differentiate them to help patients, staff, and visitors easily figure out how to get to their destinations. Ideally, your elevator bank designation system should be intuitive and universally understood. Consider making the elevator banks stand out on directories and maps with logos and color coordination.

    Couple waiting on elevator

    Additionally, your hospital might use directory designations in a way that speaks to the patient population. One informative case study is that of a major children’s hospital in Seattle. The campus is separated into zones with child-friendly names like Mountain, Ocean, and Forest. Each zone features corresponding artwork. The elevator banks and similar features are given corresponding names to help visitors find their way. For instance, the Octopus elevator is located in the Ocean zone. This intuitive system allows for intuitive, easy navigation of a large hospital campus.

  • Can I Boost My Business with Elevator Advertising? (And Other FAQs) in Salt Lake City, UT

    Savvy business owners and executives are always on the lookout for new marketing ideas. An effective marketing plan is one that involves multiple approaches, such as online ads, social media marketing, and of course, physical advertisements like billboards and signs. One oft-overlooked option is the wealth of advertising space available in elevators. Commercial elevators around the Salt Lake City area are prime real estate for ads that build brand awareness.

    Can elevator advertising really work for my business?

    Advertising in well-maintained, high-quality elevators can be an effective strategy for virtually any business. The occupants of elevators aren’t going anywhere for the duration of the ride. Essentially, you have a captive audience—and that audience is usually bored, and looking for something to do while they wait to reach their destination. Their eyes will naturally be drawn to any sort of advertisement, especially if it’s placed on the inside of the doors, as that’s the direction people usually face while they’re riding in an elevator.

    What sort of ads would be most effective?

    Any marketer would tell you that all of your ads should be geared toward your target audience, or a typical buyer profile. For example, if your usual customers are college students, then you’d probably stress the affordability and convenience of your products or services. For ads specifically intended to be placed in elevators, however, there’s another factor you should consider: entertainment value. Once the occupants leave the elevator and go about their business, they might forget about the ads they saw. You need to make your ads memorable, such as by making them entertaining or humorous.

    Can I advertise in elevators of other businesses?

    Elevators in your own office building are a great opportunity for free advertising, but you can also check around the area for elevator ad space to rent. Consider advertising in commercial buildings of non-competitor businesses. Ideally, you should target buildings with companies that complement your own. For instance, if you own a flower shop, you could advertise in the elevators of a funeral home or bridal shop.