• Proper Use of a Freight Elevator

    As the name implies, freight elevators are intended solely for transporting large, heavy items—not passengers. New freight elevators installed around Salt Lake City are fairly easy to operate, as they tend to feature power doors. If you need to use an older freight elevator, you can watch this featured video to learn the dos and don’ts of operating it.

    This expert demonstrates the proper use of an older, manual freight elevator located in a fallout shelter. He explains how to safely use the straps to open and close the exterior doors, and how to operate the interior door. He also discusses some elevator-related etiquette. After unloading your freight, always remember to close the interior door, and then close the exterior door before you leave the area.

  • What to Consider Before Purchasing a Residential Elevator

    Residential elevators improve a home’s accessibility and functionality. They can also add a stylish element that’s sure to impress any guest. Take your time selecting the right elevator for your home in Salt Lake City, and you’ll be rewarded with many years of convenient transportation right in your own home.

    The Elevator Installation Contractor

    Before choosing the right elevator for your home, be sure to select the right installer. The top factor to consider is whether the installer you’re considering is proprietary or non-proprietary. Proprietary service contractors aren’t the preferred option because the maintenance choices are limited, the elevators require specialized, proprietary tools, and in the long run, you’ll end up paying more for your elevator. Instead, look for a non-proprietary elevator contractor for the lowest possible cost of ownership. You’ll have plenty of maintenance options, no specialized tools are needed, and the maintenance work can be open to multiple bidders.

    The Purpose and Capacity

    Decide what the purpose of installing an elevator in your home is, as your intentions for its use will inform your product selection. If you’re only interested in moving items from floor to floor, then perhaps a dumbwaiter would suit your needs. If a household member has become disabled, or is growing older and is experiencing mobility problems, then an elevator designed for accessibility would be a great choice. Additionally, consider the load capacity. Your installation contractor will ask you about your intended use of the elevator, and then recommend the right size and load capacity for you. For instance, if a family member uses a motorized wheelchair, then you’ll need an elevator with high load capacity and a wide entry.

    The Design and Location

    Some residential elevators are purely utilitarian, while others are intended to be stylish elements of the house’s décor. The location of your elevator is one factor to consider when choosing a style. If it will be installed in a central location, such as the foyer or great room, then you could consider a dramatic style, such as a glass elevator. Elevators that aren’t intended to be conversation pieces could be designed to blend in with the décor. Consider selecting a hardwood veneer of oak, cherry, or birch.

  • Integrating Elevators into Your Hospital’s Wayfinding System

    Wayfinding is a major concern for every hospital. If you’re responsible for implementing wayfinding systems and improvements in your medical center, then you already understand the importance of easily overlooked details, like designations for elevator banks. Hospitals near Salt Lake City with multiple elevator banks need a way to differentiate them to help patients, staff, and visitors easily figure out how to get to their destinations. Ideally, your elevator bank designation system should be intuitive and universally understood. Consider making the elevator banks stand out on directories and maps with logos and color coordination.

    Additionally, your hospital might use directory designations in a way that speaks to the patient population. One informative case study is that of a major children’s hospital in Seattle. The campus is separated into zones with child-friendly names like Mountain, Ocean, and Forest. Each zone features corresponding artwork. The elevator banks and similar features are given corresponding names to help visitors find their way. For instance, the Octopus elevator is located in the Ocean zone. This intuitive system allows for intuitive, easy navigation of a large hospital campus.

  • Can I Boost My Business with Elevator Advertising? (And Other FAQs)

    Savvy business owners and executives are always on the lookout for new marketing ideas. An effective marketing plan is one that involves multiple approaches, such as online ads, social media marketing, and of course, physical advertisements like billboards and signs. One oft-overlooked option is the wealth of advertising space available in elevators. Commercial elevators around the Salt Lake City area are prime real estate for ads that build brand awareness.

    Can elevator advertising really work for my business?

    Advertising in well-maintained, high-quality elevators can be an effective strategy for virtually any business. The occupants of elevators aren’t going anywhere for the duration of the ride. Essentially, you have a captive audience—and that audience is usually bored, and looking for something to do while they wait to reach their destination. Their eyes will naturally be drawn to any sort of advertisement, especially if it’s placed on the inside of the doors, as that’s the direction people usually face while they’re riding in an elevator.

    What sort of ads would be most effective?

    Any marketer would tell you that all of your ads should be geared toward your target audience, or a typical buyer profile. For example, if your usual customers are college students, then you’d probably stress the affordability and convenience of your products or services. For ads specifically intended to be placed in elevators, however, there’s another factor you should consider: entertainment value. Once the occupants leave the elevator and go about their business, they might forget about the ads they saw. You need to make your ads memorable, such as by making them entertaining or humorous.

    Can I advertise in elevators of other businesses?

    Elevators in your own office building are a great opportunity for free advertising, but you can also check around the area for elevator ad space to rent. Consider advertising in commercial buildings of non-competitor businesses. Ideally, you should target buildings with companies that complement your own. For instance, if you own a flower shop, you could advertise in the elevators of a funeral home or bridal shop.

  • An Etiquette Guide to the Corporate Elevator

    Everybody has somewhere to be, and if you’re in a rush in the morning, an elevator in Salt Lake City might be what gets you there. Accessible elevators are for everyone, however, and it’s each person’s individual responsibility to act appropriately during the ride. Watch this video for an etiquette guide to the corporate elevator.

    An awkward elevator ride may seem harmless enough, but you can start your day on a more pleasant note by keeping things comfortable. First, don’t step onto the elevator until other passengers have had the chance to step off. Don’t stand too close to other passengers and encroach on their personal space, especially when the elevator is nowhere near capacity. If you are only going one floor up or down and there’s already a rush for the elevator, consider taking the stairs instead to free up some space for others.