• Hear About the Elevator Maintenance Process from an Elevator Technician

    Elevator maintenance near Salt Lake City keeps your elevator in working order, allowing you to avoid the need for repairs and enjoy an efficiently functioning unit. Your elevator could become dangerous and might fall out of use without the right level of maintenance, so it’s important to work with your technician to keep it in shape. Watch this video if you’d like to hear about the elevator maintenance process from an elevator technician.

    It’s an elevator technician’s job to inspect, repair, and install elevators in a variety of locations. When it comes to the maintenance process, it’s important to run certain tests to ensure that your elevator is safe for use. Your technician might take a look at the valve operation, check for leaks, and test out the emergency power lighting systems. If your elevator has a phone, he or she will test that as well.

  • Wising Up About the Benefits of Dumbwaiters

    They might be called dumbwaiters, but there’s nothing dumb about them. These convenient types of elevators in Salt Lake City can offer your home or place of work a multitude of benefits, and they don’t require much in the way of elevator maintenance. They tend to be particularly advantageous for use in restaurants or for those who have mobility issues and are looking to make their homes more convenient or efficient . Keep reading and wise up about the many benefits that dumbwaiters can provide.

    Who says elevators are just for people? When you install a dumbwaiter in your home, restaurant, or other commercial location, you can easily move materials from one floor to another without having to accompany them for the journey. This can be extremely convenient when it comes to sending a hot entrée up to a second floor dining area, and it can be just as effective if you have a condition that restricts your mobility and you need something from downstairs. Dumbwaiters are available in different colors, and with different weight limits, sizes, and opening options. If you have any problems or need any changes, you can always call your elevator technician for maintenance and repair help.

  • Finding the Right Commercial Elevator Solution with Carson Elevator

    When you choose an elevator, you’re not just picking a box that moves up and down between floors. You’re also choosing the elevator maintenance company that will help you make the most of your investment and keep your elevator working safely and efficiently for as long as possible. At Carson Elevator , we’re proud to take care of your residential and commercial elevator needs in Salt Lake City. We will support you with maintenance, offer reasonable prices for our products, and provide you with excellent service. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding the right commercial elevator solution with Carson Elevator.

    Maintenance Help

    It’s unlikely that your elevator will continue to stand up on its own, which is why you should give it a little help whenever you can. If elevator maintenance doesn’t line up with your skillset, the professionals at Carson Elevator would be happy to come by and service your elevator for you. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that their elevators will take care of themselves, or that their investments don’t need much upkeep. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and a neglected elevator can quickly become unsafe. As long as you keep up with your elevator maintenance, you can avoid serious problems and enjoy a fully functioning elevator.

    Affordable Prices

    The team at Carson Elevator is dedicated to quality customer service, and part of this can be seen in our prices. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make your commercial space more accessible, and an affordable elevator can help you do just that. Our prices aren’t just competitive—in most cases, they’re impossible to beat. We are also capable of taking care of both proprietary and nonproprietary equipment, so you can keep your elevator properly maintained and efficient, regardless of what kind of unit you have.

    Carson Elevator Service

    You need a quality technician to make sure your commercial elevator stays in shape, which is why you should look to the team at Carson Elevator. Our professionals are dedicated to extending the working life of your elevator without harming the environment.

  • Dealing with Accessibility Issues in the Home After a Permanent Injury

    A permanent injury will change the way you live your life in a number of ways, but modern technology can help you adjust. Several types of elevators serving Salt Lake City can help you get around the house as easily as possible, allowing you to enjoy both comfort and independence. Wheelchair lifts and stairlifts are both forms of accessibility elevators , and traditional residential elevators can be of help as well. Read on to see how you can deal with accessibility issues in the home after suffering a permanent injury.

    Wheelchair Lifts

    When you suffer a permanent injury, you might need the help of a wheelchair to get around. This can take some getting used to, and it might change the way you see your home. If you have begun using a wheelchair as a result of your injury, you might need a wheelchair lift for your house. These specialty elevators can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, and they are designed to help you access each level of your floor as conveniently as possible. In addition to the home, you can find these lifts in offices, schools, and meeting halls.


    If you don’t use a wheelchair but the stairs still give you problems, a stairlift might be right for your home. Like a wheelchair lift, this kind of elevator can make it easier for you to move around your house, even if you have multiple floors. Stairlifts have been in use for the better part of a century, and they can completely transform the way you get around your house. They are affordable and convenient, and they fit right alongside the railing on your stairs. No matter what kind of staircase you have, you can find a stairlift that will fit your stairs.

    Residential Elevators

    The right kind of elevator can help you stay independent, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still ask for help when you need it. If you have a friend or family member who helps you out around the house, a residential elevator should be large enough to accommodate both of you.