• Benefits of Installing an Elevator

    Advantages of Installing an Elevator in Salt Lake City

    How You Could Benefit from Installing an Elevator in Your Home

    If you live in a home with multiple stories, you may be starting to get tired of trekking up and down multiple flights of stairs. A residential elevator will provide you with amazing convenience, and can also provide better mobility for disabled members of your family. A company that offers elevators serving Salt Lake City can help you choose a high-quality elevator that is ready for all of your residential needs. Read on for an overview of three benefits that an elevator can offer to your home and family.

    Improved Home Value
    When you are preparing to sell your home, you will want to take all of the steps necessary to make your property as valuable as possible. A prospective buyer is sure to be delighted by an elevator that has been installed in your home. In fact, a home elevator installation can improve your property value significantly. You can also use your elevator installation as a top-selling point when you put your home on the market.

    Better Convenience
    Installing an elevator in your home will provide a fantastic convenience for all of your daily activities. Whether you are moving bulky items up and down different stories of your home, or you are traveling up to your top-floor bedroom to go to sleep for the night, an elevator will transport you quickly and safely. After a few weeks of enjoying your new elevator, you may wonder how you ever lived without this wonderful amenity.

    Increased Home Safety
    If a member of your family is facing mobility issues, an elevator installation can improve his or her safety at home. Walking up and down multiple flights of stairs can pose a safety threat to any person who has trouble walking or moving. When you are installing an elevator specifically for increased mobility, you may want to explore the various accessibility elevators that your local elevator company has to offer for your home.

    The Steps of Installing an Elevator

    As you might expect, installing a new elevator near Salt Lake City is not the easiest task; this is why you need to work with a professional to make it happen. If you want your elevator to function properly and last as long as possible, the installation is a crucial component. Be sure to find a professional elevator company that you know you can trust. Your team of pros will build the shaft for your elevator, set up the wiring, and let you enjoy your investment. Continue reading if you are interested in learning about the steps of installing an elevator.

    Finding a Professional
    Installing an elevator is not a task that you should ever handle on your own unless you have gone through the appropriate training under the supervision of an experienced professional. For this reason, you will need to contact a professional elevator service when you decide you want an elevator installed in your home or workplace. If you want to ensure that your elevator is installed properly, make sure you hire a reputable contractor. A poorly installed elevator can be unsafe, which can present a unique array of problems in both residential and commercial settings. Do your research and make an informed decision so you can enjoy a quality elevator and some peace of mind.

    Building the Shaft
    In order for an elevator to get you from floor to floor, there will first need to be a shaft where it can travel. This is why the first step in the actual installation process is constructing a shaft. The shaft is essentially a vertical hallway through which your elevator will traverse. It is crucial that the measurements of the shaft and the elevator car match up perfectly.

    Setting Up Wiring
    Your elevator depends on electrical components in order to function properly. Once the shaft has been constructed, your elevator company will set up the necessary wiring so that your elevator can move smoothly and safely. It is helpful to have your elevator specialist come back and maintain your wiring on a regular basis to prevent problems from arising.

  • Assessing Your Commercial Building for Accessibility

    You want to give everyone an equal opportunity to shop at your store or benefit from your services, so everyone who wants to should be capable of getting inside the building. This means designating handicapped parking spots that are close to the storefront, as well as creating sidewalk ramps that make it possible for people in wheelchairs to get up to level ground. Commercial elevators in Salt Lake City are crucial in settings like department stores with several floors. Here’s what to think about when assessing your commercial building for accessibility .

    Elevators and Platform Lifts for Handicap

    Handicapped Parking

    Reserved parking spots should be close to the building, and they should leave enough room to get out on either side of the vehicle. Be sure to enforce handicapped parking rules to ensure that no one is unnecessarily taking these spots for themselves. The space in front of a sidewalk ramp should be marked off to be kept clear, so people who use wheelchairs can access the ramp.

    Sidewalk Ramps

    There’s not much of a point in handicapped parking spots if a person can’t ultimately get inside the building. Sidewalk ramps allow people in wheelchairs to move from the parking lot to the inside of your store independently, and you should include them in your property design. If you put a parking spot right in front of a sidewalk ramp, it won’t be as easy to get to.

    Accessibility Elevators

    When it comes to the actual interior of the commercial building, think about how many floors you have. If there is any upstairs area, there should be a ramp or an elevator. An elevator is most convenient, and it’s an absolute necessity if there are a few levels to your building. Making your building more accessible opens you up to more sales and makes life easier for your customers.

  • Essential Features of an Accessible Home

    Millions of children and adults in the U.S. have disabilities, yet the idea of an accessible home is still considered revolutionary. Existing homes can be renovated to improve accessibility, although it’s ideal to design new construction projects with built-in accessibility features. For example, some contractors in Salt Lake City may install elevators in the homes they build. Residential elevators are beginning to be perceived as an essential feature, rather than a luxury option.

    Accessible Home Floor Plan for Elevator


    The ideal accessible home is one with an open floorplan. Thanks to the popularity of this design approach, many new construction homes today are built with an open floorplan. However, there are some pitfalls to be aware of, such as transitional elements. Since an open floorplan does not feature many room dividers, it may require more transitional pieces between different types of flooring materials. This can result in a slight elevation in the transition from carpet to tile floors, or from carpet to hardwood planks. These transitional areas should be designed carefully, so as not to create a tripping hazard or a wheelchair obstacle.


    Accessible homes are traditionally thought of as being one-story ranch houses, but not every family enjoys this design. Two-story and three-story homes can easily be made accessible with the addition of a new elevator. This allows family members and guests to enjoy the benefits of inclusivity. There are quite a few choices available, ranging from accessibility elevators designed especially for wheelchairs to beautiful glass elevators with panoramic views.


    Even if the home is built with an open floorplan, it will, of course, still have doorways. Doorways can be problematic for individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers, and even canes. An accessible home features enough clearance to enable a person using durable medical equipment to easily pass through. Clearance might not be an issue for people using canes, but it’s entirely possible that these individuals will need to transition to a walker or wheelchair at some point. Older homes can be renovated to provide a few more inches of horizontal clearance at each doorway.

  • Taking a Closer Look at Wheelchair Lifts

    If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you may be looking for innovative ways to increase the accessibility of your property. Accessibility elevators , such as wheelchair lifts, allow persons with mobility limitations to easily access every level of a home. A company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City can provide you with detailed information about the benefits of installing a residential elevator in your home.

    Wheelchair Lifts By Carson Elevator LLC in Salt Lake City

    Wheelchair lifts increase accessibility.

    Travelling up and down flights of stairs can be very difficult for a person who uses a wheelchair. Having to physically lift the person and his or her wheelchair up and down long flights of stairs can be very taxing and tiring. Wheelchair lifts are designed to easily and safely carry wheelchairs and their users up and down the stairs. These innovative devices function much like conventional elevators to aid in the process of travelling between various floors of a residence.

    Wheelchair lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors.

    Even if your home does not contain an indoor stairwell, you may find that it is difficult to get up and down the stairs that lead to the front or back door of your home. Wheelchair lifts have been engineered so that they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. An elevator technician can help you find a product that is specifically designed for your needs.

    Wheelchair lifts require professional installation.

    If you are considering installing a wheelchair lift on your property, it is crucial to get in touch with a company that offers accessibility elevators. Wheelchair lifts are composed of many mechanical parts, and they must be installed by a fully licensed and trained technician. After your technician has finished your installation, you are sure to be amazed at the improved accessibility and freedom of movement that is offered by your brand new lift.

  • Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Residential Elevator

    When you install a new elevator in your home , you will want to make sure that it integrates seamlessly with your interior decorations and home design. A company that installs new elevators near Salt Lake City can help you put the finishing design touches on your custom residential elevator. By taking the time to make sure that your elevator is both elegant and functional, you can ensure that it is a valued part of your home.

     Home Elevator

    There are a few ways that you can decorate your elevator. Many homeowners choose to finish their elevator unit walls with premium materials, such as luxurious hardwoods. Along with selecting a decorative finish for your unit wall, you can also outfit your residential elevator with premium touches, such as wall columns, recessed lighting, and mirrors. A company that specializes in residential elevator installation will be able to design and build the home elevator of your dreams.

  • Increasing Accessibility in the Home

    If you or a loved one has mobility concerns, you may be seeking an efficient and effective method for making each area of your home more accessible. Multi-level homes can pose accessibility challenges to persons in wheelchairs or those who struggle to walk up and downstairs with ease. A company that offers new elevators near Salt Lake City can provide you with a tour of some of the quality accessibility elevators that are available for your residence. By investing in a residential elevator, you will improve the quality of life of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some elevator options that can increase accessibility in the home.

    Wheelchair lift Installation Services in Salt Lake City



    Wheelchair Lifts

    Navigating up and down a flight of stairs can be extremely challenging for a person who uses a wheelchair for mobility. While ramps can be used to make short flights of stairs more accessible, taller flights of stairs should be equipped with wheelchair lifts. One of the distinct advantages of a wheelchair lift is that it can be operated by a single person, without the need for aid or assistance.

    Stair Lifts

    For persons who have difficulty walking up and down stairs, but do not require wheelchairs, stair lifts offer a terrific residential solution. A stair lift functions similarly to a wheelchair lift, in that it is designed to lift its occupant up and down a flight of stairs. In order to operate the stair lift, the user simply sits in the comfortable seat and safely glides up the staircase.

    Package Lifts

    Carrying heavy parcels and packages up and down a staircase can be a challenge for any person who has limited mobility. When you are researching your elevator and lift options for the home, you may want to check out the terrific advantages that a package lift can offer. With a package lift, you can safely send your groceries or other heavy items up to your desired floor, without having to lift them up the stairs.

  • Check Out Our Elevator Services

    Quality elevator services near Salt Lake City will do whatever they can to ensure that you are satisfied with your investment, and the team at Carson Elevator is a great example of this type of service. We are happy to offer new elevators and dumbwaiters as well as elevator maintenance. It is our mission to ensure that you make the most of your new elevator, and we are always ready and willing to help in any way we can. Continue on if you would like to check out our elevator services.

    When it comes to elevators, Carson Elevator is your one stop shop for installations, repairs, and maintenance. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to your every need and fit you with the perfect elevator for your circumstances. In the event that your existing elevator malfunctions or breaks down, our team will come to your rescue and restore it to its proper working condition. If you would rather ensure that your elevator never breaks down, you can count on us to maintain your unit and keep it in top shape so that it enjoys a long working life. Never hesitate to contact us if you are in need of elevator services.

  • Maintaining Your Residential Elevator

    It can be incredibly inconvenient when your residential elevator near Salt Lake City breaks down and requires repair. To help prevent this problem from occurring, regular elevator maintenance is essential . Focusing on maintaining rather than repairing your residential elevator can save you from a significant amount of frustration as well as from costly repair bills.

    Opting to participate in an elevator maintenance plan can help ensure that your elevator runs safely, smoothly, and properly. These plans can benefit you by providing regularly scheduled checkups for the equipment, clear communication about the state and maintenance needs of your elevator, and the use of quality, on-hand repair parts.

    Elevator maintenance plans can give you peace of mind with the knowledge that your elevator receives regular repairs and new parts as needed, allowing you to worry less about the safety and function of the equipment. Leaving your elevator maintenance in the hands of a skilled and experienced technician can help keep it running correctly and continuously.

  • Choosing an Elevator Repair Company

    Elevators offer a significant level of convenience for homes and businesses, so when they require maintenance, people are often in a hurry to have them fixed. If you find yourself in need of elevator services near Salt Lake City, you may be wondering what to look for in a high-quality elevator repair company.

    When hiring a company for elevator maintenance, look for those that promise efficiency, reliability, and outstanding service. Also, select a repair company that has been in the business for a while and has plenty of positive customer feedback.

    Give the elevator repair company a call and ask how soon they can provide you with repair services and how long the maintenance will take. Ensure that the company is familiar with the type of elevator that you have, and that they are licensed and insured. Finally, learn what their average response time is for elevator repairs during and after business hours, as well as how many technicians are available for emergency calls during these times.

  • What Do You Need to Know About Elevator Maintenance?

    If your business or establishment relies on the use of an elevator in Salt Lake City, it’s vital to know a few facts about elevator maintenance . Keeping your lift system in good condition can save you from hassle, high repair costs, and inefficiency.

    Regular elevator maintenance can reduce your overall costs.

    Elevator maintenance is a service that is frequently overlooked until there is a problem. Once your elevator stops functioning, you and anyone else who relies on it is likely to feel frustrated and experience a delay in day-to-day activities. The elevator repair costs associated with breakdowns can significantly surpass the costs that come with an elevator maintenance plan. Additionally, regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your elevator equipment and prevent the need for early system replacement.

    Preventive maintenance can improve your workplace efficiency.

    When an elevator breaks down, it can cause frustration for your employees and reduce their level of morale. Also, the more time that your staff spends waiting for an alternate elevator, the less work they can accomplish throughout the day. Elevator maintenance can help ensure that your workplace runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Maintaining your elevator keeps tenants, clients, and guests happy.

    Elevators have been an expected feature in many commercial buildings for decades. They provide people with exceptional convenience and, when they break down, your would-be passengers can be left feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, and put-out by the issue. Regular elevator maintenance should be thought of as an essential part of your business upkeep.

    Some signs can indicate the need for elevator maintenance.

    Elevator doors tend to receive the most abuse out of the entire lift system. The doors open and close at each stop and are frequently blocked by passengers rushing in or holding the door. These circumstances can lead to misaligned doors which are likely to cause an elevator shutdown. Warning signs of misaligned doors are panels that drag across the floor and scratches on their surfaces.