• Benefits of Dumbwaiters

    The Multitude of Benefits Dumbwaiters in Salt Lake City

    A Look at How Dumbwaiters Work

    A dumbwaiter is used to transport goods or packages between floors of a building. Since dumbwaiters are not designed to transport people, they operate differently than elevators. At the base of a dumbwaiter, a powerful motor drives the car up and down the shaft. If you are interested in including a dumbwaiter in your building design, be sure to contact a company that offers elevators serving Salt Lake City.

    With services from a company that specializes in installing elevators, you can make sure that your dumbwaiter is perfectly suited for your needs. Your elevator technician will be able to carefully install all of the elements of the dumbwaiter and its motor. In the event that your dumbwaiter is having trouble moving up and down the shaft, you may need to schedule services for your assembly.

    Wising Up About the Benefits of Dumbwaiters

    They might be called dumbwaiters, but there’s nothing dumb about them. These convenient types of elevators in Salt Lake City can offer your home or place of work a multitude of benefits, and they don’t require much in the way of elevator maintenance. They tend to be particularly advantageous for use in restaurants or for those who have mobility issues and are looking to make their homes more convenient or efficient. Keep reading and wise up about the many benefits that dumbwaiters can provide.

    Who says elevators are just for people? When you install a dumbwaiter in your home, restaurant, or other commercial location, you can easily move materials from one floor to another without having to accompany them for the journey. This can be extremely convenient when it comes to sending a hot entrée up to a second-floor dining area, and it can be just as effective if you have a condition that restricts your mobility and you need something from downstairs. Dumbwaiters are available in different colors, and with different weight limits, sizes, and opening options. If you have any problems or need any changes, you can always call your elevator technician for maintenance and repair help.

  • What Are the Benefits of Installing a Dumbwaiter?

    If you own or manage a building that contains many different floors, you may want to consider installing a dumbwaiter that functions alongside your elevator. Unlike an elevator, which is designed to transport people up and down the various stories of a building, a dumbwaiter is specifically crafted to move goods and materials. A company that offers elevator services can help you choose between a dumbwaiter or high quality elevator near Salt Lake City.

    Installing a dumbwaiter

    There are a few terrific advantages to installing a dumbwaiter on your property. With a dumbwaiter, you can easily send items to a different floor of your building, without having to carry them by hand. Dumbwaiters can also be used in large warehouses to transport materials or items that are ready to be shipped. A new dumbwaiter may also be a fabulous addition to your home, as it will allow you to send loads of laundry down to your basement laundry room.

  • Comparing Dumbwaiters and Package Lifts

    If you are seeking technology that will make your home more accessible, you may want to consider installing a dumbwaiter or package lift. While both dumbwaiters and package lifts are designed to carry items between floors, each type of equipment is different in its installation and operation. A company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City can help you make the choice between a dumbwaiter and a package lift.

    Dumbwaiters and package lifts differ in their overall designs. Like an elevator, a dumbwaiter carries packages vertically through a shaft that connects different floors of a building. In comparison, a package lift is mounted to the side of a stairwell. Using a powerful motor, the package lift carries boxes and other heavy items up and down the stairs. If you are seeking a solution for carrying items up and down the stairs, a package lift may be suited for your needs. Dumbwaiters work well in office buildings and homes with multiple levels.

  • Key Features in a Quality Dumbwaiter

    Companies that specialize in accessibility elevators and new elevator installation often offer dumbwaiter services as well. If you are considering calling an elevator company about a dumbwaiter serving Salt Lake City , you may be wondering how to choose a quality system. Here are some key features to look for in a quality dumbwaiter:

    Practical Weight Limit

    The weight limit of your new dumbwaiter should account for a significant amount of your decision. It’s a common mistake for people to consider only one function for their dumbwaiter, and to select a weight limit according to that particular need. It’s vital to think about the possible uses for your dumbwaiter that may not come to mind initially.

    Sufficient Platform Size

    Similar to the weight limit, the platform size of your dumbwaiter will have a substantial effect on what functions you will be able to use it for in your building. If you are installing the dumbwaiter in a kitchen, for example, be sure to choose a size that will accommodate every type of commercial tray your staff may use.

    Required Safety Features

    It’s important for the safety of anyone who will use the dumbwaiter that it have the proper safety mechanisms. A quality dumbwaiter will come with interlocks to ensure its safety while in use. The function of an interlock is to latch any access doors in the system while the lift is in use, other than that of the level on which the dumbwaiter sits.

    Adequate Travel Speed

    Depending on your needs, the speed of a dumbwaiter may be worth considering. While the average dumbwaiter travels at 20 to 30 feet per minute, some move as quickly as 50 feet per minute.

    Attractive Car Appearance

    Dumbwaiter cars come in a variety of finishes, so be sure to consider the styling of the rooms in which it will be used when selecting an option. Additionally, some dumbwaiter manufacturers offer a selection of access doors from which to choose. If these do not suit your tastes, however, your installation company can use doors that you provide which match your current décor.

  • Wising Up About Dumbwaiter Selection

    Not all elevators are for people. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to transport food and other goods from one floor of an establishment to another, consider a installing a dumbwaiter in your Salt Lake City building. There are many kinds of dumbwaiters; it helps to consider your needs and survey your options before making a choice. If you think you would benefit from installing a dumbwaiter, keep reading for tips on dumbwaiter selection.

    The right dumbwaiter can prove invaluable to your home or business, but the wrong one can be a waste. Before you begin the search, think about what you will be using your dumbwaiter for. Consider the weight of the average load to be sent up or down, and think about how quickly you will need it to move. There are also different opening options to choose from. Talk to your elevator and dumbwaiter specialist to determine what size platform you need, and finally, think about the aesthetic value of the installation. Never hesitate to talk to your specialist for help selecting the perfect dumbwaiter for your needs.