• Signs You Could Benefit from a Home Elevator

    Residential elevators are becoming increasingly popular for today’s homeowners. If your home has multiple stories, an elevator will allow you and your loved ones to easily travel between the different floors of your house. With services from a company that installs new elevators near Salt Lake City , you will be able to design and install a new elevator that improves the overall quality of life for your entire family. If you are considering a new elevator installation, here is a look at three signs that you could benefit from a residential elevator.

    Home Elevator

    You have mobility limitations.

    Elevators are extremely useful for people who have mobility limitations. Whether you use a wheelchair, or simply find that it is getting more and more difficult to walk up and down flights of stairs every day, you are sure to enjoy the added convenience that an elevator offers for your home. Accessibility elevators are specifically engineered to meet the needs of homeowners who want to make it easier to access every area of their homes.

    Your home is very large.

    A large home that contains multiple stories can provide comfort and spaciousness for you and your family members. However, if your home has multiple levels, you may find that you spend a good portion of your day travelling up and down many flights of stairs. A home elevator will make it quick and easy to get from the top floor of your home to the basement with a simple push of a button.

    You want to improve your property value.

    Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, or you are simply seeking to make improvements that offer a great return on your investment, installing an elevator is a savvy choice for your house. A new elevator installation will impress prospective buyers, and you may be able to list your house for a higher price after you have completed your new elevator installation. An elevator company can provide you with additional details about the added value that comes with a new elevator installation.

  • What You Need to Know About Home Elevator Maintenance

    After you invest in a brand new elevator for your home, you will need to make sure that your system is operating smoothly and safely. Rather than attempting to perform elevator maintenance on your own, you should always trust this service to a certified company that installs and repairs elevators serving Salt Lake City. With professional residential elevator maintenance , you will have total peace of mind when you use your home elevator system. Let’s review some important information that every homeowner needs to know about maintaining a home elevator.

    Home elevator maintenance

    Elevator Maintenance Includes Preventative Services

    Rather than waiting for your elevator to show signs of a mechanical issue before you schedule your repairs, you will want to set up your maintenance procedures before you ever notice signs of a problem. During your elevator maintenance appointment, your technician will carefully inspect your elevator and make sure that all of its systems are up and running properly. Preventative maintenance will keep your elevator in safe operating condition, throughout its entire lifespan.

    Elevator Maintenance Should Be Performed By Professionals

    While you may be tempted to repair minor home elevator problems on your own, doing DIY elevator maintenance could lead to a dangerous situation for you and your family members. Instead of breaking out the tool box when you notice an elevator issue, it is a safer idea to bring in the professionals. Your elevator maintenance technician will have the training and tools needed to safely and effectively fix your system.

    Elevator Maintenance Requires Quality Parts

    Over time, the many different mechanical components of your elevator will experience natural wear and tear. During a maintenance procedure, your technician should always use quality parts that have been certified by the elevator’s manufacturer. When you take the time to set up elevator maintenance at routine intervals throughout the year, you will help to save on the cost of emergency repairs and prolong the lifespan of your elevator. To book your next maintenance appointment, be sure to call an elevator company in your area.

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Home Elevator

    When you are constructing a luxurious new residence for your family, you may want to include an elevator in your design. Elevators add superior convenience to multi-level homes, and your residential elevator is sure to delight your family and friends. A company that offers high-quality elevator sales near Salt Lake City will work closely with you to help you choose a unit that meets the needs of your family. By selecting your elevator carefully, you can make sure that it provides you with years of service. Here is a look at some tips to keep in mind when you are choosing a home elevator.

    Home Elevator

    Consider Your Home’s Layout

    An elevator will take up space on every floor that it services. By keeping space in mind as you are choosing your new elevator, you can make sure that your elevator integrates seamlessly into your home design. If you have a smaller home, or want to save space, you will want to find a compact elevator that is designed for residential use.

    Evaluate Various Elevator Styles

    Style is also a key consideration when you are choosing a new home elevator. New elevators come in a variety of styles, so you will want to pick out a model that matches the interior design scheme of your home. If your home has classic design cues, it will be important to pick out a classically styled elevator that features luxurious embellishments. Modern homes may look best when they are paired with streamlined elevators.

    Ask About Maintenance Plans

    The right home elevator will be easy to maintain over the years. When you are shopping for a new elevator for your home, you can ask your sales team to help you find a new elevator that has a great record of reliability. As you are making your purchase, you may also want to inquire about any warranty or service plans that are included with your unit. By selecting your elevator carefully, you are sure to enjoy your purchase.

  • Choosing One of Our Seamless Designs for Your Custom Residential Elevator

    Installing a new elevator in Salt Lake City may be a great idea because it makes your home more practical, and the right design can also add to your home’s cosmetic appeal. Overall, installing an elevator should help you get the most out of your home as well as increase its value to potential buyers. Carson Elevator offers several different style options, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Between our Signature, Hampton, and Premier Series design options, you should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for. Read ahead for help in choosing one of our seamless designs for your custom residential elevator.

    Residential Elevator


    If versatility is what you’re looking for, be sure to look towards our Signature cab series. This series offers plenty of customizable options to choose from. You can choose between mirrors and arches as well as wooden stains or paint, and you’ll find even more customization in the cab options. Whether you choose natural oak wood or veneers, the cab in your Signature Series will be available in different colors and finishes. You can also add a smoked mirror panel or laminated safety glass on the side or back wall of the elevator.


    When simplicity and grace top the list of needs for your custom residential elevator, the Hampton Series may be what you’re looking for. Like the Signature Series, the Hampton Series is also quite versatile and can fit in with modern or traditional home designs. You will enjoy an oak veneer panel for your cab design, and the included oak moldings offer different color options. You can also trade out oak for birch, cherry, or another wood species that suits your taste.


    There’s nice, and then there’s impressive. If you’re looking to impress with your new elevator, look into the Premier Series. This is Carson Elevator’s top-notch product and can work wonders for the aesthetics in your home. You’ll have a plethora of options for lighting, buttons, and ceiling design in your Premier Series elevator cab, so you can control every aspect of your home design.

  • The Science Behind Elevators


    With today’s skyscrapers getting taller and taller, elevators are getting longer to meet these newfound demands. Over the years, elevator technology has expanded to ensure that all floors of the tallest skyscrapers are serviced. When you ride an elevator, lifts are used to pull the elevator car through the shaft. Using hydraulic technology, a commercial elevator is able to travel rapidly between floors. With proper elevator maintenance, these lifts are able to achieve fantastic performance and efficiency, while consuming very little electricity. A company specializing in elevators serving Salt Lake City can provide you with more information about the science behind elevators. To take a closer look at how elevators work, check out this video.

  • Spotlight on Elevator Repairs

    Elevator Repairs by Carson Elevator LLC A broken down elevator can cause a major inconvenience in your residential or commercial building. Not only can an elevator repair problem inconvenience you, but a malfunctioning elevator can also cause problems for your clients, workers, or tenants. If you are faced with elevator repair problems , you should be sure to get in touch with Carson Elevators. Our company is thrilled to offer top rated elevator repairs near Salt Lake City. When you call our company to schedule elevator maintenance, you can rest assured that we will restore your elevator back to working condition in no time. With years of experience in the elevator repair field, our technicians have the tools and skills need to fix any type of elevator. We specialize in services for all types of elevators, including commercial elevators, accessibility elevators, and more. In the event that you encounter an elevator problem in your building, you should not hesitate to give our elevator repair professionals a call.

  • The Essentials of Elevator Maintenance

    elevator maintenance, salt lake city elevators Elevators are important devices for many of today’s modern buildings. Whether you are installing new elevators in your newly constructed building, or want to make sure that your current elevators are working properly, it is a great idea to schedule elevator maintenance with a qualified contractor. A company that specializes in elevator maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you keep your commercial elevator working smoothly and safely for many years to come. If you are wondering about how you can keep up with the repair needs of your elevator, read on for a closer look at the essentials of elevator maintenance.

    Keep An Elevator Operation Log

    One of the most important steps of elevator maintenance is to keep an elevator operation log. With an elevator operation log, you will be able to keep track of the precise use that your elevator receives every day. By logging your elevator’s daily use, you will have a better idea of when it is time to schedule key maintenance procedures. Your elevator repair company can help you create an easy to use log for your elevator.

    Inspect Your Elevator Every Day

    A malfunctioning elevator can pose a safety threat to anyone who is using the elevator at a given time. To make sure that you catch elevator problems right away, it is a great idea to perform elevator inspections every day. During your inspection, you can make sure that the elevator is travelling smoothly in the shaft, and is able to reach every floor in a timely manner. In addition, you may also want to be on the lookout for graffiti or other unsightly problems.

    Use the Proper Cleaning Equipment

    Like any other piece of machinery, your elevator will require routine cleaning in order to stay in peak working shape. When you are cleaning your elevator, you will want to use the proper cleaning equipment. Harsh industrial cleaners, for example, can cause the internal working mechanisms of your elevator to corrode or break. By cleaning your elevator with gentle products, you can help to extend its lifespan.

  • Reasons to Have a Home Elevator

    Personal Home Elevator in Salt Lake City, UT There was a time in America when home elevators were reserved for only the super wealthy. Although residential elevators today are by no means cheap, they are much more affordable than they once were, and elevator installation companies in Salt Lake City are building beautiful and functional elevators for all sorts of clientele. Today you can find elevators inside homes of all sizes throughout the country, and there are plenty of good reasons to consider adding one inside of yours. Here are some of the top reasons to install an elevator inside your home:

    Never Take the Stairs Again

    One of the best reasons to have a home elevator is that it eliminates the need to take the stairs. This is great for many reasons, including the fact that stairs can be dangerous for the elderly or anyone who has limited mobility. Being able to take the elevator up to the second story can also be a source of comfort after a long day at work or when your legs are tired and sore from a long run or heavy leg day at the gym.

    Add Value to Your Home

    Installing an elevator can add tremendous value to your home. When designed and installed by a residential elevator company in Salt Lake City with decades of experience, you can rest assured that your beautiful and practical new elevator will add to the aesthetic of your home. A residential elevator installer can provide you with a detailed quote so you can estimate your anticipated ROI in the long run.

    Make Your Home Stand Out

    There aren’t many home features more unique than an elevator. Although elevators don’t do much for your home in terms of curb appeal, anyone who gets a look at the elevator inside your home will not be able to forget about it. Word will also spread among your neighbors, friends, and family that you have an elevator inside your home, so be prepared to entertain a lot more guests in the days and weeks following the installation.

  • The Benefits of a Home Elevator

    Home Elevator Although home elevators had long been considered a medical necessity, the perception has changed in recent years. Now, residential elevators are among the most desired of all luxury home additions—and for good reason. If you’re weighing your options and considering whether or not to have an elevator installed in your home, consider these benefits of a home elevator and then contact a residential elevator company in Salt Lake City .

    Functionality and Accessibility

    One of the best reasons to install a residential elevator is that it greatly improves the accessibility to the upper levels of your home. This is particularly beneficial if you have older family members living in the home or if you yourself have mobility problems. An elevator can eliminate the risk of falling down stairs for family members and guests who might otherwise have a hard time climbing up a staircase.

    Space-Saving Design

    If you’re building a new multi-storied home, an elevator can help you save a considerable amount of space that might otherwise be reserved for a stairwell. In some cases, the elevator can be installed outside the home on an external wall, freeing up even more floor space inside your home for other features you want to include.

    Unmatched Luxury

    Residential elevators are still seen as one of the ultimate symbols of luxury, which means your home will instantly be the envy of guests, friends, and neighbors after you have a residential elevator installed. And unlike some other status symbols, an elevator is actually practical and highly functional.

    Increased Home Value

    A home elevator is a profitable investment as it can considerably increase the resale value of your home. Not only that, but a feature as unique as a residential elevator will help your home stand out and appear more desirable to potential homeowners. Talk to a residential elevator installation company in Salt Lake City to learn more about the ROI of a home elevator.

  • Installing an Elevator in Your Home

    residential elevator If you’re considering installing an elevator in Salt Lake City in your home, you may be wondering what type of residential elevator to choose, and how much your elevator installation and elevator maintenance will cost. This depends upon the type of elevator you choose, how many stories your home has, and what the layout of your home is. Here is some basic information about installing elevators in homes.

    Advantages of Installing an Elevator

    Installing a residential elevator or accessibility elevator will make your home much more comfortable and functional. If anyone in your household has mobility issues, an accessibility elevator will make it much easier for him or her to move easily throughout the house. Residential elevators are much safer than staircases, whether you have children in your home or elderly relatives. You won’t need to worry that anyone will suffer from an injury due to a fall on your home’s stairs.

    Types of Residential Elevators Available

    The two most common types of residential elevators that are available today are hydraulic elevators and pneumatic elevators. Hydraulic elevator maintenance and installation is somewhat expensive, and you will also need to build a machine room in your home to operate the elevator. Pneumatic elevators are smaller and very aesthetically pleasing. Elevator installation is relatively quick, and elevator maintenance is less expensive. Because pneumatic elevators are made out of glass, they look modern and contemporary and can improve the aesthetics of your home.

    Cost of Installing an Elevator

    The cost of installing an elevator in your home depends upon the type of residential elevator that you choose, how many stories your house has, and what the layout of your home is. On average, a residential elevator installation will cost at least $20,000. You will need to pay a contractor for carpentry work and the creation of an elevator shaft or machine room. You may also have to pay for permits for construction and installation. Installing an elevator will cost more if the elevator requires higher ceilings or access to more than two floors.