The Essentials of Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT

elevator maintenance, salt lake city elevators Elevators are important devices for many of today’s modern buildings. Whether you are installing new elevators in your newly constructed building, or want to make sure that your current elevators are working properly, it is a great idea to schedule elevator maintenance with a qualified contractor. A company that specializes in elevator maintenance near Salt Lake City can help you keep your commercial elevator working smoothly and safely for many years to come. If you are wondering about how you can keep up with the repair needs of your elevator, read on for a closer look at the essentials of elevator maintenance.

Keep An Elevator Operation Log

One of the most important steps of elevator maintenance is to keep an elevator operation log. With an elevator operation log, you will be able to keep track of the precise use that your elevator receives every day. By logging your elevator’s daily use, you will have a better idea of when it is time to schedule key maintenance procedures. Your elevator repair company can help you create an easy to use log for your elevator.

Inspect Your Elevator Every Day

A malfunctioning elevator can pose a safety threat to anyone who is using the elevator at a given time. To make sure that you catch elevator problems right away, it is a great idea to perform elevator inspections every day. During your inspection, you can make sure that the elevator is travelling smoothly in the shaft, and is able to reach every floor in a timely manner. In addition, you may also want to be on the lookout for graffiti or other unsightly problems.

Use the Proper Cleaning Equipment

Like any other piece of machinery, your elevator will require routine cleaning in order to stay in peak working shape. When you are cleaning your elevator, you will want to use the proper cleaning equipment. Harsh industrial cleaners, for example, can cause the internal working mechanisms of your elevator to corrode or break. By cleaning your elevator with gentle products, you can help to extend its lifespan.