• The Etiquette of Elevator Small Talk

    When you take the elevator at work, chances are that you may find yourself in close quarters with one of your colleagues. In this video, you will learn some essential tips for making pleasant small talk when you are riding an elevator in Salt Lake City . Rather than talking about essential work projects, you may want to ask your coworker about his or her family or hobbies. By avoiding sensitive topics while in a commercial elevator car, you can make the ride more pleasant for everyone.

    If you need a high quality elevator for your commercial space, be sure to look for a non-proprietary elevator contractor. By working with a non-proprietary elevator business, you can make sure that you are receiving a quality elevator that your employees and clients can rely on.

  • Why Your Business Should Choose Carson Elevator for Your Commercial Building

    Your elevator plays a vital role in the daily operations of your commercial building. If your elevator is out of service for any period of time, your productivity and profitability could suffer. When you are looking for a company that offers elevator repairs near Salt Lake City, look no further than Carson Elevator . As a top-rated elevator maintenance company in the local area, we have the skills and equipment needed to keep your commercial elevator running perfectly. Let’s take a look at three terrific reasons why your business should choose Carson Elevator.

    We Are Non-Proprietary Contractors

    When you are seeking an elevator repair contractor for your commercial building, you should look for a contractor that offers non-proprietary services. A key feature of a non-proprietary contractor is the ability to work on many different makes and models of elevators. At Carson Elevator, we are a non-proprietary company, and we will be able to provide you with an affordable bid and a full range of parts for your elevator repairs.

    We Are Locally Owned and Operated

    Rather than trusting your elevator maintenance to a national company, you can receive personalized services with an elevator contractor that is based in your local area. The team at Carson Elevator is fully based out of the Salt Lake City area. Our locally based operations allow us to provide our clients with prompt services, and we are thrilled to have long standing business relationships with our happy customers throughout the region.

    We Are Committed to Serving You

    Unlike a proprietary elevator repair contractor, who must follow the strict guidelines of the elevator manufacturer, we are able to tailor our maintenance plans and services to the needs of our clients. Whether you are seeking routine elevator safety checks, or you are in need of more significant repairs for your existing commercial elevator system, we will be ready and able to provide you with services that exceed your needs and expectations.

  • Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Residential Elevator

    When you install a new elevator in your home , you will want to make sure that it integrates seamlessly with your interior decorations and home design. A company that installs new elevators near Salt Lake City can help you put the finishing design touches on your custom residential elevator. By taking the time to make sure that your elevator is both elegant and functional, you can ensure that it is a valued part of your home.

    There are a few ways that you can decorate your elevator. Many homeowners choose to finish their elevator unit walls with premium materials, such as luxurious hardwoods. Along with selecting a decorative finish for your unit wall, you can also outfit your residential elevator with premium touches, such as wall columns, recessed lighting, and mirrors. A company that specializes in residential elevator installation will be able to design and build the home elevator of your dreams.

  • Increasing Accessibility in the Home

    If you or a loved one has mobility concerns, you may be seeking an efficient and effective method for making each area of your home more accessible. Multi-level homes can pose accessibility challenges to persons in wheelchairs or those who struggle to walk up and down stairs with ease. A company that offers new elevators near Salt Lake City can provide you with a tour of some of the quality accessibility elevators that are available for your residence. By investing in a residential elevator, you will improve the quality of life of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some elevator options that can increase accessibility in the home.

    Wheelchair Lifts

    Navigating up and down a flight of stairs can be extremely challenging for a person who uses a wheelchair for mobility. While ramps can be used to make short flights of stairs more accessible, taller flights of stairs should be equipped with wheelchair lifts. One of the distinct advantages of a wheelchair lift is that it can be operated by a single person, without the need for aid or assistance.

    Stair Lifts

    For persons who have difficulty walking up and down stairs, but do not require wheelchairs, stair lifts offer a terrific residential solution. A stair lift functions similarly to a wheelchair lift, in that it is designed to lift its occupant up and down a flight of stairs. In order to operate the stair lift, the user simply sits in the comfortable seat and safely glides up the staircase.

    Package Lifts

    Carrying heavy parcels and packages up and down a staircase can be a challenge for any person who has limited mobility. When you are researching your elevator and lift options for the home, you may want to check out the terrific advantages that a package lift can offer. With a package lift, you can safely send your groceries or other heavy items up to your desired floor, without having to lift them up the stairs.