• Comparing Dumbwaiters and Package Lifts

    If you are seeking technology that will make your home more accessible, you may want to consider installing a dumbwaiter or package lift. While both dumbwaiters and package lifts are designed to carry items between floors, each type of equipment is different in its installation and operation. A company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City can help you make the choice between a dumbwaiter and a package lift.

    Dumbwaiters and package lifts differ in their overall designs. Like an elevator, a dumbwaiter carries packages vertically through a shaft that connects different floors of a building. In comparison, a package lift is mounted to the side of a stairwell. Using a powerful motor, the package lift carries boxes and other heavy items up and down the stairs. If you are seeking a solution for carrying items up and down the stairs, a package lift may be suited for your needs. Dumbwaiters work well in office buildings and homes with multiple levels.