Talking to Your Kids About Elevator Safety

Elevators have completely revolutionized the way that we travel between floors of a building. While new elevators are equipped with failsafe safety mechanisms that ensure the safety and security of all passengers, it is still important to make sure that you follow best practices when you ride an elevator. If you are planning on installing an elevator in Salt Lake City , you will want to make sure that your kids are educated on the topic of elevator safety. Let’s review some elevator safety tips that you will want to teach to your children.

Man and woman waiting on elevator

Elevators Are Not for Play

After you install a residential elevator in your home, your children may be tempted to ride the elevator as if it was a toy. However, elevator are heavy pieces of machinery that should be operated with the utmost care. You will need to teach your children that it is against the rules to play in or near the elevator. To make sure that your children use your elevator safely, you may want to have parental supervision at all times.

Elevators Have Safety Features

Both residential and commercial elevators are equipped with safety features that are designed to keep passengers safe in the event of a power outage or other emergency. When you are talking to your kids about elevator safety, you will want to make sure to demonstrate how to use the various safety features in the car. Going through some basic safety operations will help you and your family prepare for the unexpected.

Elevator Doors Should Be Treated Respectfully

Elevator doors are equipped with safety mechanisms that prevent them from shutting on a passenger who is entering or exiting the car. To make sure that your kids are safe around the elevator, you will want to make sure that they treat the elevator doors with respect. If an elevator’s doors are closing, children should be taught to never rush through the opening. In a commercial setting, it is important to stand aside as other passengers are exiting through the doors.