• How to Choose a Dumbwaiter

    Dumbwaiters are extremely convenient and practical home additions. Not just for the elite and super wealthy, dumbwaiters today are used in all sorts of homes to provide ease and comfort, especially for large multi-story properties and people with mobility issues. Installing a dumbwaiter in your home requires careful consideration of the available shaft space, platform size requirements, speeds, and average delivery weight. A residential elevator installation company in Salt Lake City can help you with these and other factors to design the most appropriate dumbwaiter for your needs.

    In Utah, Carson Elevator is the premier dumbwaiter contractor for residential and commercial properties. The team at Carson Elevator has installed, repaired, and maintained residential and commercial dumbwaiters for more than 30 years. To learn more about the dumbwaiter installation and repair services offered by Carson Elevator, call toll-free at (888) 371-1948.

  • Touring the History of the Elevator

    ancient elevator, elevator history, elevator installation Having an elevator installed in your home may seem like a 21 st century luxury, but elevators themselves date back many centuries—as far back as ancient Greece in fact. Although the types of elevators that are installed in homes today are much faster, much more comfortable, and far more luxurious than the early mechanical hoist lifts used in ancient times, elevators today share many of the same principles and design elements with their early predecessors. Read through this brief history of the elevator to learn how lifts evolved over the years to become the types of elevators that can be installed in your home in Salt Lake City.

    Ancient Grecian Hoist Lifts

    The origin of the hoist, which is the basic design principal of all elevators, dates back to ancient times when the first documented use of a pulley and winch system occurred in Greece in 236 B.C. This was when Greek mathematician, physicist, and inventor Archimedes invented a man-powered hoist device that were used to lift Roman Emperor Nero and the Empress in the palace.

    Elisha Graves Otis’ Safety Brake

    One of the biggest breakthroughs in elevator design came in 1853 when Elisha Graves Otis invented a safety brake that solved the problem of rope failure that had plagued contemporary elevators of the time. Otis demonstrated his safety break (which would serve as the inspiration for the modern safety gear) at the Crystal Palace in New York by cutting the elevator’s rope and living to tell about it—a dramatic presentation that made him a legendary character and one of the earliest pioneers in elevator safety.

    First Passenger Service Elevator

    The world’s first passenger service elevator was installed in a five-story hotel in New York City in 1857. This steam-powered elevator carried a maximum load of 992 pounds and boasted a top speed of approximately 40 feet/second. This was a major step forward in the upward expansion of the modern city, since before passenger elevators buildings were rarely built taller than five stories. The next time you look at the skyscrapers dotting downtown Salt Lake City, you know the elevator is in large part to thank.

  • Understanding Elevators

    An elevator is by no means a marvel of engineering, but few inventions have shaped the modern world quite as much as elevators have. Before elevators were widely used, buildings were rarely above five stories tall. But with elevators it was easier for building tenants and employees to reach much higher floors without a grueling trip up dozens of flights of stairs. Watch this video to get an inside look at how elevators work.

    If you think you understand elevators after watching this short three minute video, imagine how much you would know about elevators if you had worked on them for 30 years. That’s how long Carson Elevator has been in business, and it’s why we’re one of the premier residential and commercial elevator contractors in Salt Lake City . For all of your elevator installation, maintenance, and repair needs in Utah, call Carson Elevator toll-free at (888) 371-1948.

  • The Essentials of Elevator Safety

    elevator salt lake city, elevator safety, elevator maintenance, elevator repair, elevator installation salt lake city Modern-day elevators are incredibly safe themselves, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of causing injury to individuals who improperly use them. Whether you have an elevator in your home or business in Salt Lake City, understanding the basics of safe elevator use and sharing them with your family and/or staff can help prevent injuries or worse. Here are some of the essentials of proper elevator use, and also a few words about the importance of elevator repair and maintenance.

    Entering/Exiting an Elevator

    When entering and exiting an elevator, watch your step and be mindful of the gap between the floor and the elevator shaft, especially if wearing heels or open-toed shoes. If wearing a dress, long jacket, or other long item of loose clothing, make sure it is pulled back from the doors so it doesn’t get stuck when the elevator shuts and begins to move up or down.

    Children and Elevator Use

    Children should always be accompanied by an adult when using an elevator, even if just going up or down a single story in a residential property. Children should never be allowed to play inside or around an elevator, especially when unsupervised. Explain to your children the dangers that elevator pose so they are dissuaded from exploring them alone.

    Passenger/Weight Capacity

    Never exceed the posted passenger and/or weight capacity listed inside the elevator. This represent the maximum number of passengers and/or total weight an elevator can safely handle. Exceeding the posted limits increases the risk of the cables snapping (although there are numerous safety devices in place to prevent elevator free fall in the event of a snapped cable).

    Elevator Maintenance and Repair

    Another crucial element of elevator safety is keeping your elevator is good working order. Sign up for a regular elevator maintenance plan with a residential or commercial elevator company in Salt Lake City. And be sure to schedule elevator repair at the first sign of a problem, regardless of how minor it may seem at first. Elevator problems will only get worse over time, so the sooner your elevator is repaired the safer it will be for your family, employees, tenants, or anyone else who uses your residential or commercial elevator.