• Tips for Choosing the Right Home Elevator

    When you are constructing a luxurious new residence for your family, you may want to include an elevator in your design. Elevators add superior convenience to multi-level homes, and your residential elevator is sure to delight your family and friends. A company that offers high quality elevator sales near Salt Lake City will work closely with you to help you choose a unit that meets the needs of your family. By selecting your elevator carefully, you can make sure that it provides you with years of service. Here is a look at some tips to keep in mind when you are choosing a home elevator.

    Consider Your Home’s Layout

    An elevator will take up space on every floor that it services. By keeping space in mind as you are choosing your new elevator, you can make sure that your elevator integrates seamlessly into your home design. If you have a smaller home, or want to save space, you will want to find a compact elevator that is designed for residential use.

    Evaluate Various Elevator Styles

    Style is also a key consideration when you are choosing a new home elevator. New elevators come in a variety of styles, so you will want to pick out a model that matches the interior design scheme of your home. If your home has classic design cues, it will be important to pick out a classically styled elevator that features luxurious embellishments. Modern homes may look best when they are paired with streamlined elevators.

    Ask About Maintenance Plans

    The right home elevator will be easy to maintain over the years. When you are shopping for a new elevator for your home, you can ask your sales team to help you find a new elevator that has a great record of reliability. As you are making your purchase, you may also want to inquire about any warranty or service plans that are included with your unit. By selecting your elevator carefully, you are sure to enjoy your purchase.

  • Three Reasons to Schedule Elevator Repair Services

    An elevator is an important addition to your commercial space. In order to keep your elevator up and running throughout the years, you will want to schedule regular elevator repairs near Salt Lake City . A company that specializes in commercial elevator maintenance can help you protect your high quality elevator from damage and wear. Along with scheduling preventative services, you will also want to set up repairs for your elevator at the first sign of a mechanical issue. To emphasize the importance of proper elevator maintenance, here is a look at three reasons to schedule elevator repair services.

    Adjust and Lubricate Mechanical Components

    Your elevator is equipped with many delicate components that can shift and fall out of adjustment over time. With professional elevator repair services, you can make sure that every part of your elevator is properly adjusted and ready to operate smoothly. As your technicians adjust your elevator, they will also take care to lubricate all of its moving parts. Proper lubrication is key for ensuring that your elevator runs smoothly.

    Fix Mechanical Issues

    Along with keeping your elevator properly adjusted over time, your elevator repair technician will also be able to fix any mechanical issues that may be affecting your unit. With their various mechanical parts and systems, elevators can experience various types of mechanical wear and tear. When you stay on top of your elevator’s mechanical maintenance requirements, you can avoid breakdowns and other dangerous safety issues.

    Address Safety Concerns

    If an employee or client reports a safety concern about your elevator, it will be of the utmost importance that you schedule immediate elevator repair services. An elevator that is not operating safely could pose a significant hazard to any person that is occupying your building. With assistance from a team of trained elevator maintenance professionals, you will be able to identify the cause of the safety issue and make sure that it has been properly addressed. Your elevator repair company will be happy to provide you with emergency repair services.

  • The Owner’s Guide to Home Elevator Safety

    An elevator is a fun and functional addition to any property. When you choose to install a new elevator in Salt Lake City, you will find that your installation provides you with improved access to every floor of your home. After your residential elevator installation is complete, you will want to set up regular elevator maintenance services . By keeping your elevator properly maintained, you can ensure that your elevator is safe for your entire family to use. Let’s take a closer look at the essentials of elevator safety for the home.

    Always Supervise Your Children

    When you first install a new elevator in your home, your children may be excited about your purchase. However, you will want to emphasize the fact that your elevator is not a toy. Whenever young children are using the elevator, they should be supervised by an adult. You will also need to teach your children about the essentials of how to safely use the elevator, as well as what they should do in the event of an emergency.

    Perform Periodic Safety Inspections

    Your elevator is equipped with safety devices that are designed to engage in the event of an emergency. At periodic intervals throughout the year, you will want to perform thorough inspections of all of your elevator’s safety systems. If you find that one or more systems are not running properly, you should call your elevator maintenance technician immediately. Your elevator company can also help you identify potential safety considerations for your elevator.

    Install Extra Safety and Security Features

    To provide yourself with additional peace of mind, it is a good idea to install additional safety and security features for your system. For example, you may be able to equip your elevator with a keyed shutoff system. The shutoff system will allow you to turn off your elevator and prevent children or unauthorized people from using the elevator car.

  • What Are the Benefits of Installing a Dumbwaiter?

    If you own or manage a building that contains many different floors, you may want to consider installing a dumbwaiter that functions alongside your elevator. Unlike an elevator, which is designed to transport people up and down the various stories of a building, a dumbwaiter is specifically crafted to move goods and materials. A company that offers elevator services can help you choose between a dumbwaiter or high quality elevator near Salt Lake City.

    There are a few terrific advantages to installing a dumbwaiter on your property. With a dumbwaiter, you can easily send items to a different floor of your building, without having to carry them by hand. Dumbwaiters can also be used in large warehouses to transport materials or items that are ready to be shipped. A new dumbwaiter may also be a fabulous addition to your home, as it will allow you to send loads of laundry down to your basement laundry room.

  • Understanding How Elevators Work

    Elevators have made it possible for us to construct tall buildings that tower dozens of stories high. When you watch this video, you will learn all about how elevators work. The most common type of elevator that is found in today’s buildings is the rope elevator. This type of elevator uses a motor and pulley system to lift the elevator car up and down the shaft. A company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City can provide you with more information about how your commercial elevator works.

    When you take the time to learn about how elevators work, you will be able to achieve a high standard of elevator maintenance. If you have started to notice that your elevator is not functioning as usual, you will want to set up elevator repairs right away.

  • A Quick Look at the Convenience of Kitchen Dumbwaiters

    Elevators serving Salt Lake City aren’t just for people. A dumbwaiter is a convenient addition to the home, and with the right maintenance, it can be a long-standing appliance in your kitchen. Check out this video clip for a quick look at the convenience of kitchen dumbwaiters .

    A kitchen dumbwaiter can be great in both residential and commercial settings. If your kids are having a sleepover and you have prepared them some snacks, you can send them upstairs from the kitchen using your dumbwaiter. Then they can send the dumbwaiter back down with their dishes. A residential dumbwaiter can also be helpful if you are bedridden with an illness or have mobility problems, as you can have food and medicine sent up to you. In a restaurant, a dumbwaiter presents a convenient way to send food from the kitchen to another level of the establishment without the risk of spills.