• What Is Included in an Elevator Maintenance Plan?

    Once you have installed a new elevator, you may want to talk to your elevator contractors about the possibility of setting up an elevator maintenance plan for your building. With preventative elevator maintenance near Salt Lake City, you will be able to catch repair problems before they become safety issues. Your elevator maintenance plan will include a full range of inspections and repair procedures for your commercial elevator.

    The first step of elevator maintenance is to perform a regular checkup of all of the critical components of the elevator. Your elevator maintenance plan will also include a replacement of any parts that have worn out over time. When replacing your elevator parts, your technician will use only the highest quality of equipment. Finally, your elevator maintenance technician will also clearly communicate about any maintenance issues that may have been revealed during your preventative procedure. Overall, an elevator maintenance plan will offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your elevator repairs are in expert hands.

  • See What Happens During an Elevator Inspection

    Elevator inspections are required on a routine basis. When you watch this video, you will take a look at what happens during a professional elevator inspection. During an inspection, an elevator technician will make sure that the doors open and close properly, and that the car reaches its assigned floor safely. During an inspection for a commercial elevator in Salt Lake City , the technician will also check to make sure that the alarm system is in proper working condition.

    After you install an elevator, it is a great idea to hire an elevator company to provide you with regular inspections. The inspection process is designed to reveal any maintenance issues that could affect the safety of an elevator. By keeping your elevator properly maintained, you can ensure that it functions smoothly and safely during your daily business operations.

  • Debunking Myths About Elevators

    Elevators are extremely common fixtures in both commercial and residential properties. When you install a new elevator in Salt Lake City , you can rest assured that your commercial elevator will be safe, efficient, and easy to use. Some property owners may hesitate to install an elevator due to myths about elevator safety. In Hollywood movies, a falling or trapped elevator is a common trope. However, elevators are actually incredibly safe, and are specifically engineered to prevent these problems. To highlight the safety features of new elevators, here is a look at some of the most common elevator myths.

    Myth: Trapped Passengers Should Climb to Safety

    One common myth about riding an elevator is that passengers will be able to climb to safety if they become trapped. Movies have depicted brave passengers opening an emergency hatch and shimmying up the elevator shaft so that they can fetch help. In fact, it is only possible to exit the elevator through its main doors. This allows safety personnel to safely access the car and passengers in the event of an emergency.

    Myth: Exceeding the Maximum Weight Can Cause Brake Failure

    A person who is phobic of elevators may be concerned that too much weight will cause the braking and cable system to fail. In reality, an elevator that is too weighted down will remain in place until its load is lightened. Using special safety technology, the elevator is able to sense when it is overloaded and prevent movement until some of the passengers have stepped off board.

    Myth: Elevators Can Free Fall Down the Shaft

    Perhaps one of the most common myths about elevators is that they could be in danger of free falling down their shafts if a brake failure occurs. Elevators are actually equipped with advanced suspension systems that are able to completely prevent the car from falling. In order to ensure the safety of an elevator car, it is important to have these cables inspected on a regular basis.

  • Recognizing the Signs That Your Elevator Needs Repair Service

    An elevator is designed to provide your employees and customers with easy access to every floor of your building. In order to ensure the safety of your elevator, it is important to schedule elevator maintenance before a serious problem arises. With services from a company that specializes in elevators serving Salt Lake City , you will be able to address any type of elevator issue that may be affecting the safety and performance of your system. To help you determine when it is time to set up commercial elevator repair, here is a look at three signs that your elevator is in need of professional maintenance.

    Dusty Control Panel

    During an elevator inspection and maintenance procedure, your technician will use your elevator’s control panel to assess the safety and quality of the system. If your elevator control panel is covered in dust and debris, this is a sign that it has not been opened or inspected in a long time. When you start to notice that your control panel is gathering dust, it is time to set up a maintenance appointment.

    Misaligned Car Stops

    When an elevator stops at its assigned floor, the elevator car should stop completely flush with the opening. If your elevator is in need of repair or maintenance, you may start to notice that your elevator car stops have become misaligned. As the elevator cables stretch or wear out, they will no longer be able to carry the car to the correct position. In order to adjust your elevator car stops accurately, you may also need to set up a cable brake adjustment.

    Strange Sounds or Sensations

    A properly functioning elevator will travel smoothly and quietly between floors. If you or your employees have started to notice squeaking or squealing noises as your elevator is in operation, this could indicate a problem with your cables and pulleys. An elevator maintenance professional can tighten and adjust your cables and make sure that your elevator operates smoothly for all of your business needs.