Residential Elevators: A Trend on the Rise

Residential Elevators

Residential Elevators Installing a residential elevator in Salt Lake City will make your home more comfortable, functional, and accessible for anyone with mobility problems. Residential elevators have become increasingly popular as families have discovered how beneficial they are for family members who have trouble with stairs. Keep reading to learn more about accessibility elevators for residential homes.

Three Types of Residential Elevators

There are three types of residential elevators that can be installed in homes. Hydraulic elevators are powered by electric motors and pistons, and require a lot of space and the installation of a machine room. Traction elevators don’t require a machine room, and operate using a counterweight to slide up and down a track. Traction elevators are useful as residential elevators because they are easy to integrate into a home. Pneumatic elevators are a more recent invention, and they use a pneumatic tube and air pressure to move up and down. These residential elevators are small and won’t necessitate the building of an elevator shaft or machine room.

Benefits of Accessibility Elevators

A residential elevator will dramatically improve your home’s functionality. If you or someone else in your household has limited mobility, you won’t have to worry about safety when walking up and down stairs. Elevators are much safer than stairs overall for both the elderly and children. You can reduce the risk of common household accidents that may cause serious injury. Residential elevators also take up less space in the home than stairwells do, so you can maximize the open space in your home.

Cost of Installing an Elevator in a Home

The cost of installing an elevator in a home varies depending upon the type of elevator, and the size and structure of the home. If you are installing an elevator during the construction of a new home, you may pay less than if you are retrofitting your home to accommodate a new elevator installation. An elevator alone can cost between $15,000 and $25,000, and you’ll also have to pay the cost of installing an elevator shaft and machine room.