Spotlight on Accessibility Elevators

Wheelchair Lifts by Carson Elevator Sometimes an elevator in Salt Lake City is more than just a convenience; for those who experience limited mobility, an accessibility elevator can help make life richer. These types of elevators can be found in commercial spaces and residential homes, indoor and outdoor. There are several different kinds of accessibility elevators to choose from, including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and package lifts. Read on as we shine the spotlight on accessibility elevators.

Whether you’re in a department store or your living room, it can be difficult to get to other floors if you have limited mobility. A stair lift consists of a seat that brings you from one floor to another at a comfortable, steady rate, and can be fit to work on most staircases. If a stair lift does not quite work for you, a wheelchair lift may be a better option. This type of accessibility elevator will safely transport you to an upper or lower floor, and can be used in both commercial and residential environments. A package lift serves as an accessibility elevator in the sense that it limits the risk of strains, aches, and injuries when moving cargo.