Comparing Package Lifts and Dumbwaiters

If you find that you have trouble carrying heavy packages up and down the flights of stairs in your home, now may be the time to contact a company that offers elevator services near Salt Lake City. Along with installing new elevators, your residential elevator specialists may also offer dumbwaiters and package lift. These accessibility elevators can make a huge difference in your overall safety and convenience at home.

Dumbwaiters and Package Lift By Carson Elevator LLC

There are a couple of major differences between package lifts and dumbwaiters. A package lift is installed alongside your stairway so that it can lift heavy items up and down your stairs. As a result of its design, a package lift carries objects in a diagonal direction. Dumbwaiters are much more like elevators in their design. A dumbwaiter is housed in a special shaft, and carries packages vertically between floors. If you will be transferring your packages between many different stories of a single building or house, a dumbwaiter may be a better option for your needs.