Does Pushing the Close Door Button Really Make Elevator Doors Move Faster?

During your busy workday, you may find yourself pressed for time when you are waiting for your building’s elevator. Once the elevator car has arrived, it can be tempting to press the close door button to encourage the doors to move faster. However, you should note that pressing this button may not affect the actual speed of an elevator’s door closure. This button is designed to make the doors close sooner, but their speed of closure is regulated at all times. A company that offers elevator services near Salt Lake City can make sure that your elevator doors are closing at your desired rate.

Elevator Maintenance Services in Salt Lake City

If you have started to notice that the doors of your commercial elevator seem to be closing more slowly than usual, it may be time to schedule elevator maintenance services . During your maintenance appointment, your technician will be able to test the functionality of your elevator’s major systems and repair any sluggish components.